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The Titans are Ruining Football

The NFL is in full swing. Despite many thinking the season wouldn’t last long or possibly wouldn’t even happen, we find ourselves in Week 5 with very few cases…except one team. The Tennessee Titans are ruining football. They haven’t completely wrecked the season, but it seems like they’re doing their best.

How It Started

Coming off of Week 3, the Titans had multiple players and staff member test positive for COVID-19. This was a big deal, but nothing that couldn’t be managed. The Titans-Steelers game was postponed and later rescheduled, giving the Titans and Steelers a bye in Week 4. It later came out that there were multiple Titans players that may have been showing symptoms prior to the Week 3 game. The Titans really mishandled everything and this has been increasingly evident as more and more players and staff members test positive.

It’s Not Stopping

The Titans had two days earlier this week where things seemed to be clearing up. After two days there were no positive cases. Things looked like they were getting better, and the Week 5 game seemed like it was a go. Then the news broke that two additional cases were reported. It has now been almost two full weeks, and the Titans have reported new cases in all but two days. There continue to be positive cases rolling in and now their Week 5 game against the Bills is in jeopardy.

The More We Know

As the positive tests continue to roll in, we’re finding more out about what is happening in Nashville. There are reports that the Titans, while their facility was shut down due to COVID-19, were still gathering to hold workouts. Basically, they shook their dicks in Roger Goodell’s face and said, “fuck that noise”. This clearly didn’t go well for them as positive test results have not slowed.

At this point, the NFL is talking about possibly forcing the Titans to forfeit games or take away draft picks. We are looking at some of the biggest penalties the NFL has ever doled out. Did the NFL and Roger Goodell do a shit job in preparing for COVID-19 this season? Absolutely yes. Are they starting to take the threat seriously now? You bet.

Long Term Effects

Outside of the next couple weeks, this may not have a huge impact on football. Positive tests me decline and the Titans may be able to return to football. They may even be able to still make the playoffs, since their division is a complete dumpster fire. The real worry is other teams testing positive.

This past week Cam Newton was held out for a positive COVID-19 test and earlier this week it was reported that Stephon Gilmore tested positive as well. If the Patriots take protocols seriously, as it seems they are, things should quickly pass. To show the different response levels, while the Titans held unapproved workouts, the Patriots took multiple flights dividing players that had been close contacts to Cam and those that had not.

COVID-19 has already had an impact on the 2020 NFL season, but if teams begin to take precautions and follow the rules as meant by the NFL, things should return to business as usual.


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