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NFL Super Wildcard Parlay Weekend

UPDATE: Sunday 1/10/2021

  • 1-0-1 Parlay Spread; Chicago Bears +10 remains
  • 0-2 Parlay Money Line BUSTED

“Palulay?palu-li-la-la-lulu, parlili? parsnip, pasley, par – partner, partner?” “Parley?” “Parley! That?s the one. Parley! Parley!” (Parlay for betting purposes. According to The Lines, “A parlay is a single sports wager that involves two or more bets combined into one. This can include point spreadsmoneylinestotalsfutures, or even prop bets, as long as the bets are on different games.”

BREAKING NEWS…The “Parlay King” has returned and is breaking his silence after a 6 week leave of absence from the betting world.

King has returned kwasmoney

I couldn’t sit ideally by and watch another thousand dollar weekend pass by. I have a civic duty as the statically best parlay handicapper this side of the Mississippi to provide guidance to our fellow degenerates. Instead of wasting your time reminiscing, lets get right into it. So open your hearts and wallets, it’s money making time with Kwasmoney!

Parlay Game 1: Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills

Spread: Colts +6.5, Buffalo -6.5

Money Line: Colts +245, Bills -290

Colts Rivers Bet

Waking up this morning, I had this interesting feeling. No, it wasn’t morning wood. Come on, get your mind out of the gutter. It was an underdog type of feeling. I don’t know if it was something in my coffee or the gorgeous sunshine finally happening during this cold Midwest winter that gave me this feeling, but you have to go with your gut. And my gut is saying I want to ride a horse today and enjoy this beautiful blue sky January Saturday. Horse equals Colts; Colts equals underdog; underdog equals big money. My pick in this game is Colts +6.5 and Money Line at +245. Colts win outright over Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills!

Parlay Game 2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Washington Football Team

Spread: Football Team +8, Buccaneers -8

Money Line: Buccaneers -400, Football Team +320 

I mean you already know who I am going to go with here. Not only did I get an underdog feeling this morning, but how can you not get behind the biggest cinderella story since Carl Sparkler from Caddyshack. Comedy Chair has serendipitously been the biggest supporter of Alex Smith and the miracle that has been going on in Washington with the three blog written by yours truly:

  1. Alex Smith: Ultimate Comeback Story
  2. NFL Comeback Player of the Year: Alex Smith
  3. Mrs. Smith: Partner of the Year

Based on extensive research on Alex Smith and the Washington Football Team and the fact that I don’t believe this fairytale is over yet, I’m going to pick Washington +8 and Money Line At +320. I believe the Washington Football Team will win outright over Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Tom Brady hasn’t played well at night…just saying…remember the Saints game 😬).

Alex Smith Washington Quarterback

Parlay Game 3: Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints

Spread: Bears +10, Saints -10

Money Line: Saints -500, Bears +400

I’ll keep this one short and sweet (because it’s 11:51 CST and this article needs to go out before the Colts and Bills kickoff at 12:05 CST). It’s tough to beat a team twice. Drew Brees has a noodle arm (sorry, not sorry). Comedy Chair is a Chicago based company. Bears beat the Saint in the 2006 playoffs. My pick is the Chicago Bears +10 and Money Line at +400 with the outright win over the Brees led New Orleans Saints.


Parlay Summary

Spread Parlay: Colts +6.5, Washington +8, Bears +10

Money Line Parlay: Colts +245, Washington +320, Bears +400 (BUSTED)

Comedy Chair is NOT an online gambling site. The members of Comedy Chair are simply here to provide info about sports betting for entertainment purposes only. If you have a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Bet Responsibly and Enjoy the Weekend! – Kwasmoney


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