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Mrs. Smith: Partner of the Year

(Cue the water works! 😭) BREAKING NEWS! Elizabeth Smith has been named the 2020 Partner of the Year! If this awarded doesn’t exist, then it needs to be created and given to Mrs. Smith. Better yet, Comedy Chair is officially announcing the 1st Annual Partner of the Year award. I never intended on writing not 1 or 2 or 3 blogs about Alex Smith, but this comeback story of the year continues to be a page turner. Alex Smith found himself in the headline across the football world again after this weekend and it wouldn’t be for what you think it is for. Yes, the Washington Football Team did clinch the NFC East yesterday after a win over the Philadelphia Eagles 20-14 and secured their spot in the 2020 National Football League’s playoffs.

NFC East Champions: Washington Football Team

On Sunday Night Football, the Washington Football Team advanced their record to 7-9 after beating the Eagles. By a quick glance, you would think the Football Team would’ve finished right in the middle of the NFC East standings. However, in pair with 2020, the Dallas Cowboys (6-10), New York Giants (6-10), and Philadelphia Eagles (4-11-1) all finished behind the 2020 NFC East Champions Washington Football Team as the regular season came to a conclusion. The Washington Football Team capped off an unbelievable storybook season with 162 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions, which was enough to bring home the much needed “W” and the first divisional title since 2015.

Trophy of the Year

Alex Smith Comeback Brace Trophy

Alex Smith, like written in previous blogs: Ultimate Comeback Story & NFL Comeback Player of the Year, has cemented himself and his underdog story as one of the greatest in sports history. Smith will 100% be named 2020’s NFL Comeback Player of the Year and could raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the NFL football season, but that won’t be the most meaningful trophy in his trophy case after this year. The most meaningful trophy in Smith’s trophy case is a homemade trophy. Alex Smith’s wife, Elizabeth, had his leg brace from his horrific injury turned into a trophy resembling the Lombardi Trophy. Like she said in her instagram post, “no matter the outcome, Alex has already won.” Elizabeth is absolutely right, Alex has already won! Even if he only had one snap, one start, one completion, one yard, one touchdown, or one win, Alex Smith has already won. I can’t and the football community can’t say that enough. Alex has already WON! Smith finished the season with 168 competitions on 252 attempts; 1,582 passing yards; and 6 touchdowns with 8 interceptions.

Alex Smith Leg Brace Tropy

Like this unexpected year, I can’t say there won’t be another blog about the former 1st overall pick, Alex Smith. But if there isn’t, it’s been one heck of a time diving into Alex Smith’s fairytale ending to his 2020 football season and potentially his career!


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