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I HATE Tupperware

Let me paint you a picture. Nicole and I just finished up an amazing homemade dinner (steak, veggies, and rice) and it is time for what everyone dreads to do…dishes. Me on the other hand, enjoys doing dishes. Both washing and drying. I find it to be therapeutic. The calming sound of the water coming from the faucet, the fun game of Tetris you get to play with dishes and the dishwasher, and the sense of achievement of being able to put away dry clean dishes. BUT…you all of a sudden get this pit feeling in your stomach when you pull out the dishwasher shelf . Like you get when you are on a giant drop. Actually, better yet, like you’ve just seen a ghost. Tupperware. That floppy plastic crap, Tupperware. Guess what Tupperware, you just made the LIST!

Tupperware made the list

Major Design Flaws

Tupperware was invented in 1946, and boy let me tell you, Earl Tupper would be rolling in his grave if he seen the flaws in today’s food preserving containers. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea behind preserving leftovers (especially if your itching for a late night snack or in need for a quick meal). I have nothing against them when they are in action. It’s when they are being cleaned or put away when they show their true colors!

Tupperware made the list

Let’s see show of hands; how many people have a spot in their kitchen where they keep Tupperware? (Everyone should be raising their hands). Alright, how many people cabinets’ look in some way shape or form look like the above picture? (Majority of the hands should be raised. For the people who don’t have their hands raised, you have too much time on your hands.)

Over 90% of American kitchens have a dedicated spot in their kitchen for Tupperware and over 78% of those American kitchens don’t have them set up all prim and proper like you see on commercials or pictures in an advertisement for Tupperware. Majority of American kitchens have their Tupperware cabinets set up like a leaning tower of Jenga just waiting for that wrong lid to pulled out…TIMBER!

Timber Tupperware

And don’t get me started on the lids! In a sea of Tupperware containers and lids, you never can find the exact match for the one you want to use for your delicious meal. You have better luck finding your perfect match on, than finding the correct lid for that exact container. 42% of the matches on result in dates. 35% of those matches on result in relationships of three or more months. 42% and 35% are powerful stats. You want to know the percentage an average person find the correct lid for the container it was meant for on the first try; 0.00%!

These flaws are only the tip of the iceberg. When they are dry, you might be able to get a slight laugh when you pull out a lid and 3 containers come flying out at you. But when they are wet, its a whole different animal my friend. Tupperware is the literally WORST dish to dry. It is impossible to hold on to while drying is a dish towel. Slippery son of a guns! And you might be thinking, Kwasmoney, just put them in the dry washer and let the dishwasher do the drying. Think again! I tried this experiment (in every position, angle, and cycle you can think of). Each time I would pull out a Tupperware container after putting in the dishwasher with drying on, I think to myself, “I outsmarted you this time Mr. Earl Tupper”. But nope, as you slowly pull the container out of the hot steamy freshly washed and dried dishwasher, water comes shooting out of no where. Like Splash Mountain! It’s almost like the water knows the dishwasher is about to switch to drying mode, so the water makes a run for the inverted rim. So not only do you have to clean up the spilt water, you have to redo the job the dishwasher couldn’t adequately do originally. No thank you.

Facts are facts; Tupperware sucks! All of scientific Tupperware statistics provided in this article are according to me, myself and I.

PS. Amazon has a 50-Pack Meal Pack Disposal Container for under $25.


  1. All true and valid points to which I also have the same problems, but I guarantee you that 100% of people have tupperware and will deal with these problems because it’s the easiest and best storage solution for leftover!!!


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