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Homestyle Eats With Love – Cauliflower Bolognese

Boring cauliflower turned into… Cauliflower and Turkey Bolognese!!!!! O M G. Incredible. Ask Matt: he had THIRDS of this random dish I made. How to: Chop cauliflower super small (at first I was grating it but I found that to make the chunks too small so I diced). Chop an onion and thinly slice two ginormous garlic cloves. In a pot, sautée onion and cauliflower with salt and pep in some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) — don’t move too much so it gets suuuuper brown- took about 8 min for me. When brown, remove from pot but keep close by. Add more EVOO to the pot and add in thinly sliced garlic and tons of crushed red pepper. You might think this step isn’t essential but literally if you don’t bloom your crushed red pep then it won’t be spicy at alllll.

When you can smell the garlic and pepper, brown a pound of Turkey in the oils (remember to season the Turkey with salt and pep beforehand). When Turkey is just cooked, deglaze with some white wine. Cook until reduced by half. Add some tomato sauce (I added a reserved tomato sauce I had made previously but any jarred sauce will be perfect), re-add cauli and onion mixture, and some half n half (or not, the dairy isn’t necessary). Let sauce simmer awhile until it’s almost a “sludge”. Cook your pasta in another pot. We did angel hair (which is a no-no but I’m POLISH not ITALIAN OK!!!). Once the pasta is cooked, strain the pasta, but save some pasta water. Add the cooked pasta into the sauce, add about a cup of pasta water, and finish by adding some freshly grated parm and mix mix mix it until you get a delicious glossy sauce. Top your pasta with some extra parm and flakey salt and BOOM!

Cauliflower Bolognese Recipe 1

I loved that I randomly made this up and if you make this please tell me!!!!!!! It’d make my year!!!!!! ❤️


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