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Blueprint to the Perfect Men’s Hinge Profile Part 2

Everyone knows the sequel is never as good as the original, but here we go. Last week, we went over part 1 of the blueprint to the perfect men’s Hinge profile, which highlighted standing out from the masses of competition out there by using video. The video will get your foot in the door, but the rest of the profile is what gets you the date. Who knows, maybe it could be your last first date. Let’s get on with it and help Hinge live up to their mission statement, “the dating app designed to be deleted.”

Black & White

Face it. We’ve been trained for years by big marketing firms to be drawn to photos that are in black and white. I mean who doesn’t think they look amazing in black and white? Open up a magazine right now, I bet you find at least three ads in black and white. Magazine ads have been catching our eyes for years with this simple stand out technique. Since this is overdone in the magazine business now, it doesn’t have the same effect on people like it used to. Lucky for you, black and white photos on Hinge are still fresh (I think this what the kids are saying). I would recommend making this your second photo for your profile, so you will be able to continue the shock-and-awe factor.

Something To Work With

Getting likes, hearts, swipe rights, or roses is one thing on dating applications, but that’s only half the battle. Starting and carrying a conversation is the other half. This recommendation, like the rest of them, can be for a man’s or woman’s profile. Hinge questions are a perfect way to help start and even carry a conversation. It’s like wearing a sign around your neck with random facts or statements about yourself at a bar. Seriously, if everyone at a bar was wearing a sign around their neck with a random fact or statement, tell me that wouldn’t be related to the first question you ask them. How stress relieving would it be for people? You’d instantly know what to say to or ask a random person that clearly they’d want to talk about.

For those of you who are new to Hinge (or other dating applications), adding three questions, along with the answers to those questions, to your profile is a requirement for Hinge. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with these questions. Hinge provides you a list of questions to choose from. The question I feel is the best conversation starter is “two truths and a lie” because it allows you to share two interesting facts about yourself and a lie, which in my mind is a test of your creativity. You can go with the approach of making it extremely unbelievable, but that doesn’t make it fun for the other party when commenting. I took a different approach. I’ve done a ton of random stuff in my life, so my two truths are both out of left field, and my lie is a more realistic option to pick from. 9 times out of 10, girls will pick one of the truths as my lie, which allows the conversation to go in a couple different directions right out of the gate. Instead of rambling on and on about recommendations on the different questions, I’ll just share the ones I use. Take them for what you want, but they are the most engaged with on my profile.

The rest of the profile is up to you to complete on your journey of finding love. My parting recommendations for your Hinge profile are as followed:

  • Maximum of 1 group photo; I understand the concept of showing you have friends, but this profile is about you.
  • Include 1 photo with an animal; this is obvious, who doesn’t loves animals?


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