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Blueprint to the Perfect Men’s Hinge Profile Part 1

All the single men, all the single men, all the single men…now put your hands up! Are you in seek of love, finding the one, a long-term relationship? First of all, if you answered no, go download Tinder because what I’m guessing you are looking for, you will find in that pool. Just make sure you shower after. For those of you who answered yes to the above question, then you have come to the right place. This article is going layout how to have the perfect Hinge profile that will be irresistible for women, like Ryan Gosling with his shirt off.

What is Hinge & Why Use It

Hinge, dubbed as the relationship application, is dating application that focuses on finding long term relationships for people. Hinge has been around for 8 years, following in the footsteps of other popular dating applications like Tinder and Bumble. I’ve personally have been on Hinge for over a year (since the last time I was single was when you actually had to meet girls in-person) and I’ve crack the code, like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure. Expect the code I’ve cracked isn’t a map for gold (I wish, like seriously, how cool would that be), it’s how to a ton of “likes” or ”hearts” from women. Unlike the other dating applications, if a man or a woman send a “like”, the lucky receiving party receives a notification that you’ve liked them and they can make there decision if they would like to match. This aspect is 100% why Hinge is the superior dating application because in this instant gratification world, we want to know who likes us or who thinks we are cute; instead of serendipitously swiping on each other.

First Impressions Never Have A Second Chance

Like in life, you only get chance at a first impression on a dating application. So why not”…stand out, above the crowd, even if I gotta shout out loud, ’til mine is the only face you see, gonna stand out ’til you notice me, yeah.” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. That’s a great reference to one of the best 90s two-hit wonder, Powerline. Hinge has a little over a million users across United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia with 64% of users being males. Need I say more about first impressions. Gentlemen, that’s over a 2:1 ratio! So you might be asking yourself, how in the world do I stand out above the crowd?! Video. Video. Video. Hinge added the ability to add videos to your profile instead of photos in the summer of 2019.

Why video? What video can accomplish that photos can’t and answers to prompt questions somewhat can do is showing off your personality. For extra credit, the videos can be funny which will show off of your sense of humor. I’m a big goof ball so I went with the video style of funny as did my brother (also a goof). The video is simple enough that anyone can do it. Let me paint you the picture. Okay, close your eyes…well don’t because you won’t be able to finish the blog, but you know what I mean. The video opens on a blank wall. After two Mississippis, walk into the frame and sit down (preferably at a bar height chair). Wave at the camera, point at yourself then point up at your name, which on a Hinge profile is on the top left corner (for person on the camera, top right corner). This gives off a humorous way to introduce yourself. Then, directly after, point down at the bottom right corner, which would be the heart on Hinge (bottom left for the person on camera). This asks for the desired action of a “like” in, again, a humorous way. From there, dealer‘s choice on how you want to close out the video. Personally, I went with the finger guns and exited stage right. By having this video as your opening photo, it automatically draws interests because it is different than the usual male photos women are shuffling through. Don’t believe me, trust me, I get it. I’m a proof in the pudding guy too. See below for the responses we’ve been receiving over the last several months.

To Be Continue…

I know, I know. You want me to keep going, but I unfortunately have to cut this blueprint into two parts (maybe 3) because there is a lot of tips and tricks to give you the best chance to get as many “likes” as possible. What you do with these “likes” is your choice, you know where I stand on that matter. Til next time!


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